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Catch up on Fly Control with a

LIMITED-TIME Offer on Fly Predators®

Until June 30, take 15% off your entire order of 2024 Fly Predators with code ByeFlies15.

Fly Predators are an effective way to reduce flies without using harsh chemicals. By killing flies before they hatch, Fly Predators dramatically minimize your fly problem all season long.

Highly Effective

With just one bag of Fly Predators, you can bid farewell to 70,000 flies! Our highly effective mixture of three species of Parasitoids and Spalangia control flies all season long. Want extra control? Double-up your shipment to optimize your Fly Predator performance.

Customized for You

We customize your Fly Predator order based on your number of animals and location, then ship.

On-staff Fly Control Experts

Our experts and on-staff entomologist can help answer your fly control questions.

Don’t struggle with the flies another minute. Order Fly Predators today and claim this special offer.