We often receive the question if Fly Predators can be released with free range chickens and other poultry. The answer is YES, they definitely can. Chicken find Fly Predators larvae a delicacy thus quite tasty but you can easily mitigate a Fly Predator buffet for your free rangers with 2 simple options. One, you can simply coop your free rangers for 24 hours when releasing your Fly Predators as once emerged Fly Predators are safe from poultry. Two, you can assemble these easy to make release stations. Our awesome entomologist on staff, Jessica Starcevich, put together these terrific how to instructions below!

Durable Fly Predator Release Station

1) Gather a piece of window screen (A), 3” PVC female adapter (B), a 3” PVC cleanout plug (C), a pair of scissors (D), a snap (E), a screw eye (F), and a hot glue gun/super glue, etc. (G).

2) Set the female adapter so that the threaded side is against the work surface, lay screen over the top, and glue into place. Cut excess screen away from the outside.

3) Flip the female adapter over so that the threaded side is up and the screen is against your work surface. Drill a pilot hole into the top of the clean out plug and thread in the screw eye.

4) Tie a loop of string/twine/wire/etc. around the snap and hang in your preferred location. Unscrew the clean out plug, add Fly Predators, replace the clean out plug, and clip snap to screw eye. You now have a release station for your Fly Predators that is protected from the elements as well as birds. Just dump out the old and replace with new Fly Predators when you receive your next shipment.

Included are photos of the materials you'll need and photo to show steps too! Easy! With this method either coat the string or sides of the PVC with Vaseline (Tanglefoot also works and could be found at your local hardware store).