Dawn Allen has been a valued agent at Spalding Labs since 2014. She's been trail riding since she was a little kid. Her Grandpa called her a rebellious young lady as she used to untie the old pony, boost her kid brother up, hop atop herself, and off they would go without letting anyone know. Dawn passed her passion for horses on to her family. The past few years Dawn and her husband have been basking in the glory of daughter Gabby's horse shows and competitive riding events.  Gabby even trained her own from a young colt to a 6-year-old barrel racing and all-around show horse. Gabby graduated high school and relocated to Texas leaving Dawn and her husband time to enjoy the trails again on their two retired & retrained Standardbred Race War horses named "Cullen's Blue Jean" and "Fox Valley Lee." Both horses they adopted from a terrific organization, New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program. On June 15 they took part in the Day of the Cowboy 11th annual Mohican State Park Trail ride led by good friend, Helene Havener-Ware, and guided by the great Bob Orth.  This ride was a first for both Dawn & her husband and she says will be forever memorable.

Dawn's degree is in Equine Science of Equine Health and Complementary Therapies. She is certified in Equine Modalities of Acupressure, Massage, and Essential Oils and also trained in back-country horsemanship and equine therapeutic instruction. We are proud to have Dawn on the Spalding Labs team. As a trail rider, she's a big fan of taking along Bye Bye Insects Fly & Mosquito Spray for her and her horses! She's a long time Fly Predator user and horse girl that loves helping customers get the best out of their fly control options!