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Flying Change

  • I am having some issues in my dressage changing my horse from right lead to the left lead
    When I ask for her to go on the diagonal and do a flying change, she won't change if I just change the bend but if I change in the corner, she changes with no issues. I have to ask her to bend  a lot and almost turn in order to change her and when she does a flying change, she leaps to the change (but it's clear). She's completely fine on the other. No problems at all and changes with total ease and grace

     Does anyone have any ideas on working on improving this? We can do pirouettes and half-passes really well and marked high in tests, we're just stuck on the flying changes. I've tried 4 stride changes with her once and it went quite well but she leaps to much when I change from right to left which makes it hard to ride the other changes.

    Thanks for your help

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  • I had a similar issue going from right to left and found this worked... I would track left in counter canter around the arena and on a long side, I would (maintaining the counter canter) bring the shoulders in like a shoulder fore, then change the bend in the neck to the inside track while continuing to ride forward in the counter canter. Riding along like this I would next step in weight on my inside leg while queuing for the change with my outside leg a touch back from the girth. This placement keeps them from leaping too far into the change as well as providing a good balance for a through/clean flying change.

    I hope that helps! Just make certain you're going straight down the long side and now allowing the shoulders to fall in or haunch to fall out. :-)

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