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Weekend goals and riding plans?

  • Hey everyone

    What does everyone have planned with their horses this weekend? I have two lessons booked and I am really focusing on my jump seat. 

    Anyone been making plans for over winter? What they want to achieve?

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  • I was planning to take Rosie for a long ride today , but when i went down to the field to collect her - she was much happier rolling around! She's got a busy week ahead as I want her fit to hunt on boxing day, I will only be doing the optional jumps as I am not feeling brave enough to jump the hedges and ditches as they are very big!

  • Unfortunately my weekend didn't include any riding. We had to go out of town for my grandfather's funeral and just returned late last night. My riding tme will be cut a bit short this week due to my kids being out of school Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving. I do plan to get in rides Monday and Tuesday.


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  • No riding for me this past weekend, we threw my son's sixth birthday party, and then had kids staying over. Sunday would have been my daughter's riding lesson, but it was so brutally cold, I didn't think it wise to ride her speedy little pony in such terrible windy weather. And with the holiday, it doesn't look like I'll be able to get a lesson in this week at all, sadly.