saddles and happy horses

  • So I am really impressed by the videos here, They are outstanding. I have learnt so much already. One of my real worries is my saddle, i must admit I am real concerned that it dont feel right for my horse. I use a standard wintec general purpose saddle  , its light but i feel like its not natural in the position for my horse. What saddles are best for the horse? I can adapt , I want her to be as natural and unhindered as possible

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  • Finding the right saddle is sometimes even more difficult than finding the right horse! I would suggest having a certified saddle fitter in your area see if your Wintec fits properly. If not, he/she may be able to make adjustments by changing the gullet. Do you know if it is wool flocked or the Cair type? If it is wool flocked he/she can adjust that as well. If it doesn't fit you may need to find a new saddle.

  • Jane you mention that you feel that your saddle does not correctly fit your horse, what makes you feel this way? Is she fussy under saddle or displaying outward signs of discomfort? I second having a saddle fitter out to evaluate the fit of your saddle. If it is advised to get a new saddle the saddle fitter can also suggest brands that would be best suited to your horse's shape.