Bumps under the skin

  • I got my gelding in from the pasture this evening for a groom and ride, I noticed straight off that he was covered in little bumps, they are mainly across his belly and between his front legs. He had obviously been biting at the ones on his stomach and he has taken the skin and hair off in a couple of places, so they must be itchy.

    Is there something that will help heal and relieve itching? We use Spalding Fly Predators around teh barn, he's fly sprayed when he goes to the field but I am wondering if he has been bitted. Should I get him a fly sheet and fly mask? When he is in the barn we have a fan to keep the bugs away but I was wondering if I should try anything else. Would an antihistamine help with these bbumps on his body?

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  • Hi Cara

    Have you spoken to your veterinarian? There are a few different options - it could be fly bites, but there are also internal parasites that can cause bumps under the skin.

    I would highly recommend Spalding fly traps in the barn for those flies that manage to get past fly predators or come from neighbors or in with a new horse.