Older OTTB feeding

  • Any thoughts on feeding an OTTB who has gradually lost more and more teeth? He is an old boy now, at 25 he is in good condition and he works hard, he does not show much arthritis, fills the legs a little after a long stand in the stall but in general is wel. Good coat and skin, But he is struggling to eat as he is losing more teeth.

    What kind of forage do you use? and I am thinking I need grain to keep his weight on?


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  • Have you tried using alfalfa based forage rather than a hay type? it is easily digestible, I think it is softer to chew for older horses, but as he is losing his teeth maybe a hay replacement cube that you can soak and give him as a mash? You say he is working and good condition, what is he like with his weight? Do you feel you have the energy required for the work he is doing? It may just be that you could add a balancer, maybe oil based for ease of digestion, I have seen Senior ones with added glucosamine and chondriotin for older joints. Good luck

  • Good luck