Feeding post colic

  • My mare recently had a bad colic, it was spasm rather than an impaction and she was treated by our veterinarian, and it settled, and within 48 hours it returned. After another intervention from the vet it settled and she has been fine (touch wood) since. This was 3 weeks ago. She is in medium work (ridden 5 - 6 times a week including fast work) and she is fed on a combination of hay, Purina Mills Equine Adult and out at pasture most of the time, inside 2 nights a week. Woul you continue on this regime post colic? Should I look at digestibility or adding a gastric supplement?

    Any ideas welcome!

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  • I'd definitely support her with Pre and Probiotics.  Arenus makes a good one called PrePro.  Platinum Performance has 'Balance' which is its gut protective product.  

  • You may want to try using shredded beet pulp about 1 pound coffee can and cover with water, soaked for a couple of hours. Feed twice a day. Has worked great for us and recommended by our vet after our horse coliced.