Having light hands when riding hunt seat over, flat and over fences.


Having light hands when riding hunt seat over, flat and over fences.

  • While being side lined from riding for 9 months, I have practiced riding with lighter hands in my mind, being braver to the distances, being more one with the horse instead of a laundry list of pointers. When I took my third lesson since returning yesterday, I could feel that I was being better about correcting the horse's head and then lightening my feel. This is very important to me because my insecurity often makes me hang on the horse's mouth and, that's clearly a recipe for war.

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  • Hey Barbara - how are you finding being back in the saddle? Bet you missed it bad? I totally agree with lightening your feel  - If i'm out popping a fence or a log I have seen such a difference in giving my boy my hands when i'm into my stride and it just makes for a better, more comfy jump. he is so much more responsive.

  • I am soooo happy. I did miss it but, I also needed a break. So, everything timed out perfect. So, you know what I'm talking about. What you've accomplished is my biggest goal once I'm jumping again. Have only just walked and trotted so far. And to think, I had just started jumping 3'6" when I had to pull up. So, you're an eventing rider, right?

  • Hello- I can relate! I took a few years off of riding during college. Now that I'm back, I've been trying to build up confidence in my ride so I can use light hands over fences, and really give the horse a long neck and room for a comfy jump. Minus a few refusals from school ponies that have shaken my confidence..it's going well!