Managing Gastric Ulcers

  • My older mare has been up and down lately with her gastric system, I had noticed she was lethargic regularly, she did not seem to have any energy for her work and she lost her appetite. I asked the Vet to examine her and she has discovered grade 3/4 gastric ulcers (severe)
    Does anyone have any experience of managing ulcers? and have they been successful in treating them?

    My Vet has recommended a combination of rest, Gastroguard, Aloe Vera Juice and Redcell with alfalfa and hay. Are there any particular feeds that would be best for her? And should she be completely on stall rest or can she go out to grass? I am assuming grass could make it worse?

    Any help would be great!

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  • Unfortunatly my last horse had an ulcer and my vet arrived too late to do anything. I hope you'll find help.

    Tristan from leprogres newspaper

  • Poor horse, hope will be fine !

  • My event horse had ulcers. I would give him 10-15 Tum's tablets before I rode and I also dressed his grain with liquid Malox on a daily basis. You have to complete the full treatment of GastroGuard (can't remember but I think it was like 3 weeks) to get the acid level down long enough for the ulcer to heal. Then its a matter of keeping the acid production low to prevent the ulcer from growing again. You need to manage acid production especially when your horse's stress increases (traveling, competing, change of environment). So I would give gastroguard a few days prior to traveling/competing. We had our horse on Pennfield Fibergized Omega grain as he also had PSSM and needed high fat/fiber, but low starch/carbs. This may be good for your mare so maybe ask your vet. Horses are grazers and their digestive systems are meant to be working all the time, so it's important to never let your mare run out of hay/roughage because when their stomachs are empty they still produce acid. And before I rode, I would give him hay cubes soaked in water to make sure there was something in his stomach. Hope this is helpful.

  • I think Caroline has shared some really good advice, I can recommend Gastroguard, it is really great for during periods of exceptional stress. I found adding a very natural pure aloe vera juice to the diet each day, a small cup, has made a huge difference to my horse's ulcers. And my own gastric reflux issues!

  • How are you getting on with the gastric ulcers? My TB mare has lost a considerable amount of weight and has non stop loose droppings. My veterinarian will be scoping her on Tuesday considering gastric ulcers as a provisional diagnosis. How did you discover it was ulcer?