Juggling time

  • I am just wondering about how much time you work on the ground and through exercises with your horses each week. At the moment, I have a 14 year old western dressage mare that I ride 5 times a week - 2 days we go trail , 2 days we work in the school and 1 day we do fast work around the farm, She has the other day off. She is very fit and does not sweat up quickly, she is energetic. I am wondering if I need to do more in the school with her as I feel she loses focus very quickly when we go to shows. She knows her job but I do think she is green in some more complicated maneuvers.

    Should I drop a trail day and step up the school work?

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  • Hey

    Why not try every other week with extra school work? Then she wont get ring sour and neither will you!