Comfort From A Trail Saddle


Comfort From A Trail Saddle

  • I'd love to hear your recommendations on a good trail saddle. I bought a QH mare recently and have been riding her in my daughter's close contact saddle as it is the one that fits her. I dont mind it but It is not comfortable for me for longer rides and I want to start taking her out for trail rides. I have back problems and sore hips so comfort is really important, I'm a small (and short) person so it needs to be lightweight. I used to ride mainly Western, but i find the bulkiness and weight of Western can be difficult which is why I switched to English, but i don't mind as long as it is comfortable long term. If I can use saddle bags with it, even better.

    I will never show and really care what I look like, It's all about comfort and functionality! Any ideas?

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  • Do you have a local saddlery or saddle maker? Sometimes you can find someone to come out and try different saddles for fit and comfort on you and your horse. If you go in the ring you can in with the saddles on to see which you and the horse prefer, while the saddle fitter can advise on correct fit.

  • Thanks Laura, Have you used a saddle fitter? Did they desfault towards the more expensive saddles or those they are sponsored/get commission from, or are they neutral? I am worried about being swayed toward an expensive saddle rather than just an ecomony model that fits well!

  • saddle maker is great for me

  • I've owned horses for over 30 years and the BEST saddle I've ever owned is a Parelli Saddle. The Parelli Natural Rider with the Thera-pad interface fits us both perfectly.