I just heard your Horse Show for the first time regarding Kitty Silverwings. I want to reinforce how incredibly important it is to have positive intent, use positive visualization w your horses. We recently moved from CT to FL w 5 very senior horses ( 39, 35, 30, 27,25) and 2 donkeys. Most of them hadn't left our property in15 years. As soon as I was aware that we were relocating I started telling them every morning( for almost a tear) that we were ALL going to get in a truck and go some place New TOGETHER. That it wad going to be a good place and we would all be there. Moving day every single one walked onto that trailer like they had done it everyday of their lives- when most of them hadn't even  SEEN a horse trailer in OVER a decade! I do believe that horses understand so much more than we give them credit for and I've gotten to the point where I explain everything to them now - what can it hurt?!