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Hi Rick! I am reading your new book "The Revolution In Horsemanship", which is highly interesting. Since I am living in Japan, I don't have much chance to see/attend any of the people's clinics, which you mention. I am a novice rider and need a good rider skill, too. Yesterday coincidentally I found a lady named Caroline Rider. Have you ever heard of her ? Do you think, she will be able to give me good lessons, first through her audio materials ? I also want to know your opinion about Carolyn Resnick's WHR method.

I will keep secret, I promise you.

Maru Maru

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  • Hi Maru,

    Thanks for writing. I'm thrilled that you are enjoying "Revolution" and finding it useful. I'll let Dr. Miller know, too.

    I have not heard of Caroline Rider but that means nothing. There are many fine instructors and trainers that are not well known. Trust your instincts. If what she says and does rings true to you, it may be a good match. I've certainly heard of Carolyn Resnick. I have not studied her method but anyone who respects and works with the nature of the horse to create a win/win outcome has my support. Labels sometimes get in the way, but this is broadly known as "natural" horsemanship, which I'm sure you know from "Revolution." Good luck and please drop me a line now and then.