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Cowboy Dressage and the gaited horse.

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Good morning Rick!  I had the pleasure of taking a cowboy dressage clinic from Eitan Beth Halachmy this spring in Oklahoma.  I was the only gaited horse there!  After much asking, and threatening to crash their shows anyway, Cowboy Dressage has embraced the gaited horse and will be including them in their shows and clinics next year.  This is a huge step for the gaited horse!  He'll also be at Equifest in Wichita, Ks this Feb and hope to have a aited horse and rider there to demo what this wonderful, versatile horse can do.  Are you interested in spreading the word via your show?  I can certainly put you in touch with Eitan for an interview.  You can reach me at 785-456-2516.  Leave a message!  If I'm not answering the phone, I'm on a horse!  Thanks for your time!  Deb Johnson




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  • Hi Deb,

    Thanks for writing. I realize this is a very late post and I apologize. I did not want to ignore it, however.

    I've known Eitan for 15 years. We went to Brazil together in 2006 and out of that came Light Hands Horsemanship, which I hosted for it's entire run of eight years. So, yes, I know Eitan and have had the pleasure of seeing his Cowboy Dressage grow from nothing to really something. I'm not surprised that CD is open to gaited horses. Good luck and have fun! Thanks for the suggestion.