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Rick , I am looking for the book and Author of Horse imprinting I heard on your show

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Looking for a book on Horse imprinting, I heard about it on your show can you help me ? Jim

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  • Looking for a book on Horse imprinting

  • Imprinting the foal, dr robert miller

  • Hi Jim,

    Thanks for writing. It's "Imprint Training" by Robert M. Miller, D.V.M.

    I don't mean to split hairs here but Dr. Miller's method is a training method that occurs during the imprinting and critical learning periods in a newborn boal. Imprinting itself is something different. Imprinting is what happens when a newborn foal bonds to things moving around it, which in nature is usually its mother or other herd members. Any learning that occurs during this bonding process is automatic and natural. Imprinting occurs in numerous species and was first documented by Dr. Konrad Lorenz in 1935. Dr. Miller discovered that foals could be trained very effectively during this period and he built upon Lorenz's work by putting forth what he named imprint training. It is very common for this to be shortened to "imprinting" and Dr. Miller has all but given up on correcting people. I still try to make the distinction clear because the training aspect is so important in this protocol. 

    If you use the method, be certain you follow it exactly. Read all the text. Do NOT just skim text and look at pictures. There are four distinct steps: bonding, desensitization, sensitatization, and leadership (what he originally called dominance). When it is done correctly, imprint training always works. It's only by skipping steps or putting too much emphasis on the initial bonding and desensititation steps that people have trouble.

    Good luck!