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Good Neighbor Program

Your Fly Control is Only Good as Your Neighbors'

Fly Predators effectively eliminate fly reproduction on your property, but pest flies can travel up to a quarter mile. If you have neighbors within this range who have animals, they are dealing with fly issues too. We have the solution to help them and you, and it comes with a 10%* discount for your neighbor and a free double up for you!

How it works

As a Fly Predator user, you've experienced first-hand the difference our product can make in managing flies naturally, effectively and effortlessly

Now you can share the benefits of efficient, eco-friendly fly control with your neighbors. When you refer your neighbors through our Good Neighbor Program, you'll be helping your neighbors enjoy the same virtually fly-free environment you love, plus you'll earn a free Double-Up Bonus for every referral that results in a new Fly Predator customer.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Recommend Fly Predators to your neighbors, family, and friends who own livestock, horses, or manage barns.
  2. Share the exclusive discount code GoodNeighbor10 with them to get 10% off their first order when ordering before May 31st. Be sure to have them list you as the referring party.
  3. For every new customer you refer, we’ll double your next Fly Predator shipment for free!

Refer Your Neighbor with GoodNeighbor10 Today!