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If You Have to Spray, Do It Smart

If You Have To Spray, Do It Smart

 Cartoon: wife with man spreading lotion on his chest

"I know this is insect repellent and not aftershave lotion. If you were a large animal Vet you'd understand."

While this is a funny RMM Vet cartoon to make our point, NEVER spray yourself with fly spray intended for animals including the products shown here.  Also do not use products intended for humans on your animals without checking the label first. ALWAYS read and follow the label instructions of any pesticide or repellent.

Sometimes you have no choice but to use spray to protect your animals and yourself from pesky and potentially harmful insects. These can include Mosquitoes, Gnats, Ticks, Wasps, Horse and Deer Flies, No-see-ums, Chiggers, Fleas, Culicoides and more, as well as regular House Flies and Biting Stable Flies.

You should not have to spray very often for House Flies and Biting Stable Flies if you are using Fly Predators, unless you are away from your property or started them late in the season. However, Fly Predators do not affect all the other insects that might be in your vicinity so we’ve always said it’s OK to spray, but do it appropriately.

Use The Right Stuff

There are basically two types of sprays:

  1. Repellents create a vapor barrier to keep bugs away.
  2. Pesticides kill insects if they come in contact with it.

The safety and efficacy requirements to register a pesticide today are much more stringent than before. Just like a 2011 car is safer and gets better mileage than a 1980’s era car (when the majority of the top selling equine fly sprays were registered). If you need to use fly spray, our suggestion is to use the one that’s passed the toughest tests.

Buy Fly Spray Right

It makes much more sense to buy Ultrashield® by the gallon rather than a quart. You’ll save over 30% and chances are you’ll use a gallon’s worth sooner or later. Its shelf life is 5 years.

With your first gallon from us you’ll also get at no cost three exclusive items that will make it easier or safer to apply spray. The first is an advanced spray bottle ($8 value) with a finer mist that works in any position. The second is a reusable/resealable applicator Mitt ($11 value) that’s great for applying around your horse’s eyes and keeping you from breathing the spray or getting it on your skin. The third is a pump applicator for the gallon bottle that easily refills the sprayer or applies it to the Mitt.

Purchase Fly Sprays!
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Qty Item Item Price
Ultrashield Green Natural Repellent Spray 32oz $21.49
Ultrashield Green Natural Repellent Gallon $56.99
Ultrashield Red Repellent Spray 32oz $19.95
Ultrashield Red Repellent Gallon $54.95
Ultrashield Mitt Small Size Complimentary with $50 of Fly Spray $0.00
Ultrashield Mitt Small Size $10.95
Ultrashield Green Natural Repellent Gel 2oz case of 12 Discontinued by manufacturer $75.06
Ultrashield Green Natural Repellent Spray 32oz case of 12 $232.10
Ultrashield Green Natural Repellent Gallon case of 4 $201.42
Ultrashield Red Repellent Spray 32oz case of 12 $215.46
Ultrashield Red Repellent Gallon case of 4 $197.82