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UltraShield® Green

Our preference for a repellent spray is UltraShield® Green. It is made up of only essential oils including Thyme, Cedar, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Citronella, Clove, Geraniol (from geraniums) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (from coconut and palm oils). You probably have many of the same things in your kitchen and they smell nice to humans. Luckily, biting flies, gnats and mosquitoes really don’t like them and stay away.

UltraShield Green is ecological and safe for you and your family. It can be used on horses, ponies, foals and dogs, 12 weeks or older. While it doesn’t kill insects or last as long as chemical based sprays, it lasts long enough, up to 8 hours, so try this as your first defense. Besides keeping bugs off, it smells good and leaves a shiny coat.

Ultrashield Green is also available as a Gel that you can apply to a wound to keep flies off or to dog's ears.

Buy Fly Spray Right

It makes much more sense to buy Ultrashield® by the gallon rather than a quart. You’ll save over 30% and chances are you’ll use a gallon’s worth sooner or later. Its shelf life is 5 years.

With your first gallon from us you’ll also get at no cost three exclusive items that will make it easier or safer to apply spray. The first is an advanced spray bottle ($8 value) with a finer mist that works in any position. The second is a reusable/resealable applicator Mitt ($11 value) that’s great for applying around your horse’s eyes and keeping you from breathing the spray or getting it on your skin. The third is a pump applicator for the gallon bottle that easily refills the sprayer or applies it to the Mitt.

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Ultrashield Green Natural Repellent Spray 32oz $21.49
Ultrashield Green Natural Repellent Gallon $56.99
Ultrashield Red Repellent Spray 32oz $19.95
Ultrashield Red Repellent Gallon $54.95
Ultrashield Mitt Small Size Complimentary with $50 of Fly Spray $0.00
Ultrashield Mitt Small Size $10.95
Ultrashield Green Natural Repellent Gel 2oz case of 12 Discontinued by manufacturer $75.06
Ultrashield Green Natural Repellent Spray 32oz case of 12 $232.10
Ultrashield Green Natural Repellent Gallon case of 4 $201.42
Ultrashield Red Repellent Spray 32oz case of 12 $215.46
Ultrashield Red Repellent Gallon case of 4 $197.82