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Birds in Stable Fly Traps

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I have used the sticky stable fly traps for several years and on one occasion, two sparrows were stuck to it.  I managed to peel them off, but they lost so many feathers, I don't believe they survived.  Do you think the manufacturer could enclose the trap with a chicken wire type mesh to keep birds out, yet let the flies in? Otherwise, I have had great success using these traps - installing them low, in a sunny location and out of reach of the horses.

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  • Hello Michelle There have been tests using chicken wire around the trap and this tends to make the trap lose its effectiveness. The flies are not drawn to it as when it is in the open, perhaps the wire interferes with the heat wave that are emitted from the trap as the sunlight hits it. Thanks, Sonny PM
  • Hello Michelle,

    We are sorry that you had this bad experience.

    StarBar sent the following suggestion for removing the glue:

    TO REMOVE ADHESIVE: If the trap’s adhesive gets on skin or clothing, remove it with waterless hand cleaner, then wash areas with mild soap and water. If on hair or animal fur, rub area well with salad oil, baby oil or mineral oil to completely dissolve adhesive. Wash with a mild soap or shampoo and rinse well. Repeat if necessary.

    The best soap to use on the birds would be Dawn dishsoap as this is the soap used to clean waterfowl after oil spills.

    Thank you,

    Spalding Labs

  • I've had a couple of birds die on these.  So I wrapped hardware cloth around them in a slight cone shape, just enough to hold itself on.  smaller opening at top  I slid it over and hung it as usual.  No more birds.  Just lots of bugs.

  • Ildiko,

    Thank you for posting this tip here.

    Thank you,