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Fly Predators have helped keep flies to a minimum without pesticides for hundreds of thousands of customers over the past 42 years. They're the smart way to avoid “Fly Season”.
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I am new to fly traps and confused by all the products. I want to get rid of all flies that come in the house, but prefer disposable traps.

I would also like to keep the flies on the patio to a minimum or none.

What should I purchase

Steve (old disabled vet)

Lebanon, Indiana

765 894 2213

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  • Steve,

    Flies in the house are most likely house and/or blow flies.  For in the house, I would recommend the EZ traps.  These are yellow sticky cylinders that you can hang or set on top of something like a cabinet or refrigerator.  To keep flies away from  the patio, I would recommend the Giant Fly Relief Bags and hang them about 150' to 200' away from your patio.  If you have any other questions, please let me know.

    Thank you,