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fly traps just not working this year

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fly traps just not working this year

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I have put out attractant bags  (3) milk jugs traps (4) and 2 of your sticky traps .  the sticky traps worked by chance (nothing was attracted to them by what is stuck on them , mostly NON flys)  and ALL of the liquid attractant contraptions did NOT and are still NOT working .

please advise! I use predators and they are OK i guess, but i still have a TON of adult flys!

Christine stinger

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  • Christine,

    The sticky traps are only attractive by color, so a short range type trap.  You'd want to put sticky traps in areas where flies are regularly seen and where they get some light shining on them.

    The Milk Jugg traps do usually take about 3 days to start attracting flies.  If these traps have been out these long and are still not attracting flies, please give us a call at 866-404-3895 so that we can see if we can figure out what is going on with those traps.

    I also highly recommend giving us a call to discuss which fly species you are seeing (to make sure we're targeting the right ones with the traps you have), and to discuss distribution (as different species of flies have different preferred breeding sites).  You should not be having that many flies when using the Fly Predators.

    Thank you,