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Biting stable flies are drawing blood

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Biting stable flies are drawing blood

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company for 2 years. They help but are not doing the job this year. My  horses are very unhappy. I am ordering quickstrike from another company and want to make sure I order correctly.

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  • Marilee,

    Biting stable flies love breeding in areas with decaying vegetation, so if you've had a wet year, have a low spot that stays wet, have a pond or stream, or have a compost pile with grass clippings or dead weeds, you may need to spread Fly Predators in some areas you had not previously spread them.  To discuss your property and possible areas of concern, please give us a call at 866-404-3895 or email us at

    Quick Strike is fine to use, but it is best to put it in a container (such as a disposable pie pan) so that it does not dissolve on the ground where it can hurt beneficial insects and especially bees.

    One of the best traps for biting stable flies is the Bite Free Stable Fly Trap made by StarBar, as it is specially designed to catch stable flies.  You can usually find these traps locally at Tractor Supply Company or a similar store.

    These are flies the Fly Predators should be killing, as long as they are put in the right places, so I still encourage you to give us a call so we can go over your property layout and make sure there are not areas going untreated with the Fly Predators.

    Thank you,