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Can I use the traps with the Fly Predators?

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Fly Predators have helped keep flies to a minimum without pesticides for hundreds of thousands of customers over the past 42 years. They're the smart way to avoid “Fly Season”.
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Can I use the traps with the Fly Predators?

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Will fly traps catch my Fly Predators?

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  • Absolutely you can use traps with Fly Predators!  Traps are an excellent addition to a Fly Predator program because although Fly Predators will do a great job of preventing flies from developing on your place, they’re not able to travel over to your neighbors and stop their flies from breeding.  Flies, on the other hand, can easily travel ¼ mile.  Traps can help catch all those pesky adult flies that might be visiting from a neighboring farm.

    For more details on which traps to use and where to put them, click here!

  • Why don't fly predators get captured in the sticky tapes?

  • Janice,

    The Fly Predators are not attracted to fly traps.  They are driven primarily by smell, and they are seeking out fly pupae, not areas where adult flies may congregate.  Also, Fly Predators are not good flyers, so any trap more than a foot off the ground would be inaccessible to them anyway.

    Thank you,