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Recommendation Needed for Fly Control

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Recommendation Needed for Fly Control

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Hi - our backyard backs up to a ranch.  We have a six foot wood fence between us.  On the ranch there are approximately 20 goats and one horse.  The feeding house is about six feet on the other side of our fence.  We are getting bombarded by house flies which I think are being created at the ranch.  What do you recommend to help with this situation?  Thank you!

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  • Sydney,

    Do you have animals of your own as well, or just the ranch by you?  If you have no animals and are just getting flies from the neighboring ranch, traps are probably going to be your best option.  If you have a few animals, then a combination of Fly Predators and traps would be better.  If you are primarily getting house flies, you could hand odor traps such as Giant Fly Relief Bags on the fence line between the two of you (as long as it's at least 70-100ft away from your house and/or areas of your yard that you frequent.  If you do not have that kind of distance, you would want to go with yellow sticky traps instead such as StarBar EZ trap.  The EZ traps can be used near dwellings.  If you have any further questions, please let us know.

    Thank you,