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Flies in puppy palace

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We have a litter of puppies in our "puppy palace" which is a full two car garage.  They have a guillotine doggy door that is open most of the time for them to go in and out to potty and play.  We have lots of flies in the garage in the areas where the puppies poo/pee and eat.  I ordered an odor trap for outside, and my fly predators, but don't know what to do inside to get all the flies.  Would some of the predators work inside?  If not, what can I use that won't smell up the garage?  My experience with the odor bags is that they smell awful and I wouldn't want them in the garage.

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  • Hello Nancy,

    You are correct in not using the odor trap in the garage.  We refer to those as perimeter traps to be used out away from where you are trying to get rid of flies, to intercept flies that may be coming from the neighbor or to pull flies away from the house or barn where we do not want flies.  These traps need to be placed 75-100 feet away from those areas.

    Glue traps come in a variety of forms and the are designed to catch the flies in the immediate area without attracting flies from other places.  They have no odor attractant but the flies are attracted by sight to these traps.  We have a video on our website describing the different types of traps and the placement of them.

    If we can be of further assistance or you hae questions please call 1-888-562-4241.


    Sonny G

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