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We need some help with a fly problem.  Our facility is a Nursing Facility located in the Foothills of the north San Fernando Valley in California.  We don't have horses but there are ranches nearby.  We have flies coming into our nursing facility and despite addition of attractant lights, they are still starting to come around..   I don't think they are horse flies as they aren't that big and don't bite.  Were a one story facility with extensive grounds with lots of outdoor bushes and large trees.   Unfortunately, we have 11 entrances/exits to the facility so the flies have multiple opportunities to get in.

What would you suggest?

Thank You,


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  • Marcia,

    Probably for your situation, the sticky EZ traps would be the best addition.  These traps are non-toxic and can be hung high in areas, preferably in areas that get some light.  Odor traps could be used, but you would want to keep them out well away from any entrances, possibly near any fence lines you directly share with livestock.  Most likely you are getting regular house flies from the neighboring livestock and the bushes and trees are perfect places for them to hang out and cool down.  If we can be of further assistance, please let us know.

    Thank you,