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I have 2 large dogs and most neighbors have some of ankle biters up to large dogs.  Just ordered some of your bugs to put out.  The flys bite my dogs ears and back and don't know what kind of fly either (house fly?).  Neighborhood, no farm animals but there are a few chickens down the street.

what fly traps do y'all recomend?  Don't mind one I empty as I've worked around ranches and hunt/camp on a cattle/horse ranch so stuff don't bother me.  Wouldn't complain about a throw away either so momma don't have to mess with it... lol


George Harr

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  • George,

    Flies that are biting the ears and back would be biting stable flies (Stomoxys calcitrans).  The only commercially available trap that works well for these kinds of flies is the Bite Free Stable Fly Trap made by StarBar.  These traps need to be placed low to the ground and in as much direct sunlight as possible as they work by immitating animal body heat when sun shines through them.

    Thank you,


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