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Horn flies, Face flies.

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Horn flies, Face flies.

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will the traps for stable flies help with the horn and face fly problems?  Alternatives?  And where should the traps be placed?


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  • Ron,

    Unfortunately the stable fly traps will not work on horn flies or face flies.  The Cow-vac is an option for horn flies if you have a dairy where cows are handled daily.  If you have been cattle, the best option is dragging or in some way physically breaking up/smashing down/ disrupting the cow patties out in the pasture.  Horn flies and face flies breed in undisturbed cow patties in the pasture, so they only non-chemical way to kill them is through physical disruption of their habitat.  Chemically, there are a few options such as pyrethroids and IGR's, but with all chemicals, you much be careful as the flies are able to build resistence quite quickly.

    Thank you,