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We have 2 stalls in a hay barn that have no ceilings. It is near the manure pile. The owner uses predators but we still get LOTS of biting flys in the stalls. What can we use?

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  • Betty,

    First, biting flies really like developing in decaying organic matter, such as grass clippings or hay chaff that gets wet.  So, if there are any such areas around where hay chaff gets wet, where there is garden compost, piled grass clippings, or piles of dead decaying weeds anywhere, those areas should also be treated by Fly Predators, not just the manure pile.

    Second, the Bite Free Stable Fly Trap made by StarBar is a trap made specifically for biting stable flies.  It is a sticky trap that you hand in direct sunlight and low to the ground.  The sunlight passing through the trap imitates animal body heat, which encourages the blood feeding stable flies to land and get stuck.

    Thank you,