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Biting midges, no see ums, and stable flies.

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Biting midges, no see ums, and stable flies.

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My biggest pest control problems are biting midges, noseeums, and stable flies.  I do use fly predators but I also live in an area with lots of springs, streams, and bogs so there is  plenty of rotting vegetation for insects to breed in.  Suggestions?

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  • Keith,

    The biting midges and the noseeums are difficult.  Repellents are really your only option for those guys, as they are nearly impossible to control in their breeding sites due to the fact that the larvae delevlop several inches down in the mud.  There is a trap for the biting stable flies that works pretty well, it's made by StarBar and called a Bite Free Stable Fly Trap.  These traps should be placed in areas that receive a lot of afternoon sunlight and low to the ground.  When sunlight passes through the trap, it immitates animal body heat which draws in the biting stable flies.  The trap may catch a few of your other biters, but not many since they rely a bit more on CO2 to target hosts.  If you have any other questions, please let me know.

    Thank you,