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ok... so the horn flies from surrounding pastures are outta control

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ok... so the horn flies from surrounding pastures are outta control

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What products can you bring to market for those of us with horn flies from thousands (literally) of surrounding acres of cow patty riddled pastures (neighbors, not mine)? 

The pest in question is definitely horn flies and all we're finding that keeps the horses from getting open sores on their backs and under the belly where the girth goes is slathering original formula (pink, sticky) swat pesticide... which seems to only work because it's sticky and forms a barrier that the flies can't get through.... the "clear" swat doesn't work as well (it seems to melt off and run/drip from the area where you apply it)... Modern horse fly sprays (pyranaha, tri-tec, abosorbine, etc, etc) don't do anything to stop the horn flies, but since most of the neighboring cattle appear to have ear tags, they're probably using the insecticide laden ones and inadvertently making resistant horn fly babies... and trying to hang cattle ear tags off the horses halters doesn't work either....

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  • I apologize, but unfortunately there are not any traps that work for horn flies.  There are multiple methods for horn fly control on the cattle farmers part, but you are much more limited in options.  There are some pour-on or spot-on type products that you can discuss with your veterinarian that might be helpful.  Otherwise, I would recommend keeping the horses in during the day and putting them out at night.  Horn flies do not like shade and generally do not like to enter buildings.  Because of this, you could potentially change your horses routine to avoid horn flies.

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  • Thanks for the info... here in north central TX, we have had zero luck with the pour-on or spot-on treatments doing anything to stop the horn flies... I can confirm, the flies come into the barn and don't seem to be dissuaded by darkness... course the barn in question has 20' plus ceilings... we were hoping there'd be a horse vac (similar to your cow vac) coming to market we could try :)

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