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I had purchased a case of Stable Fly Traps in June 2013, we have set up 2 of them recently and my husband came in this morning saying that we had a bird attached to each of them. I noticed on previously asked questions today on your site that this seems to be a problem with this trap. How can I go about returning the 4 remaining traps. I do not want to use a product that kills birds.  Spalding needs to be upfront with their customers on this product about the possibility of birds flying into these and dying.

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  • Cheri,

    If you could, please give us a call at 1-888-880-1579 and we can get all of your information and walk you through sending back the unused traps.  

    We do have a large Caution! section in the description of the Bite Free Stable Fly Trap on our website that states that small birds have been known to get caught in the traps.  This problem has been reported to the manufacturer StarBar.  We care very much about birds and try to make sure customers are aware of the potential hazards of this particular trap.

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