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Shipping charges

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The form I got in the mail shows no additional shipping charges for USPS but when I try to complete the order online it shows a minimum charge of $5

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  • Sandra,

    The price we give per shipment includes the cost of the shipping, but when looking at your invoice it will show the cost of the Fly Predators separate from the cost of the shipping.  For example, if you are getting 15,000 Fly Predators in a shipment we tell you the cost of the shipment with USPS is $39.95 (there would be additional shipping if shipped UPS).  The breakdown of that $39.95 shipment however is $34.95 for the Fly Predators and $5.00 for shipping for a total shipment cost of $39.95 if shipping USPS.  I hope this explains what you are seeing, if not, please give us a call at 1-866-404-3895.

    Thank you,


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