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I am a new customer about to receive my shipment.  We have two goats so we don't have a large manure pile.  We do have a neighbor with a grazing cow in pasture (so no pile) and two horses next door also loose in pasture (so we cant sprinkle them in our neighbors area?).   Two questions-  I was going to sprinkle them in our barn where the goat use the bathroom most and in their paddock area. Is there any hazard to the goats eating them?  Second, is there any way to help limit the neighbors flies from effecting us without asking them to buy?  Do they have to be sprinkled directly on the manure?  I could tell my neighbors about it, but doubt the grazing cow would be one we could treat. Thanks,  Kerri C

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  • Hello Kerri,

    There is no danger to the goats if they were to eat the fly cocoons,  but to avoid that you can place them them outside the fence within 50 feet of the areas you are wanting to treat and in the corners of he pens in the barn.  You can use traps to catch any transient flies that may come from your neighbors with animals or you can pool an order if your neighbors are agreeable and it would cost each of you about $14.00 each per shipment and we would send 3 bags of 5,000.  Your neighbors would just apply the Fly Predators around  the heavier concentrations of manure.  

    We also have a very handy video on How To Use Fly Predators at

    If you have any further questions please give us a call @ 1.866.404.3895.

    Thank you,

    Sonny G

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