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Fly Predator in small areas

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I have a small area on the side of my house where the dogs go to poop, etc.  It's about 4'x6' and there are rocks. I have 4 huskies. The flies are pretty bad this summer, and I'e tried my best to keep the area clean, and I have fly glue traps around.  I use a pet safe spray, but still the flies are winning.  Can I use the Fly Predators in a small space as I mentioned above?  Will there be any issues with the predators biting the dogs.  The flies are pretty much concentrated to that area.

Thank you for the feed back.

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  • Hello Lydia,

    Fly Predators can be used around your dog pen effectively with no harm to your dogs.

    They attack the fly cocoon or pupa and kill the developing fly.  you will want to continue using some type of sticky traps for adults until the Fly Predators catch up in killing the developing flies.

    If you have questions please call 1.866.404.3895.  We also have a very handy video on How To Use Fly Predators at

    Thank you,

    Sonny G