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I've never had them like this year.  Yes, it's been wet and rainy until recently but now I can't get control--they seem to be increasing.  I added two extra batches of predators and spread them.  I have used 2 and working on four more traps.  I've cleaned up anything clearly damp or containing old manure.  NOW WHAT?

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  • Hello Joseph,

    We can best assist you in identifying the source of your problem if you will call and speak to one of our fly control specialist.  Stable flies reproduce in decaying organic matter i.e. grass clippings, hay chaff, around the edges of ponds.  We can go over a satellite view of your property and the surrounding area to pinpoint where these flies are reproducing.  We can be reached at 1.866.404.3895 and will be glad to assist you.

    Thank you,

    Sonny G