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Any new research supporting cluster flies

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Any new research supporting cluster flies

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Hi there :) 

I've researched alot on the internet for dealing with cluster flies and ran  into a question from 2013 about cluster flies on this site. Do you have any new testimonies or research supporting that the fly predators help with cluster flies? If not can you? They are a real nuisance! Thanks in advance!

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  • Megan,

    Unfortunately with cluster flies it is very difficult to estimate how well Fly Predators will work on them and there have not been any field studies conducted.  Because cluster flies are parasites of earth worms and can cover several miles easily, a lot depends on the earthworm population and distribution in your area as well as the number of buildings suitable for cluster fly hibernation.  We have had quite a few customers that have found using Fly Predators around lawns and landscaping in late summer helps with the number of cluster flies in their home in the fall, but each situation can vary.  If you would like to discuss your area and set up with one of our experts, please give us a call at 866-404-3895.

    Thank you,