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I would very much like to try fly predators this spring and summer on my farm but I'm not sure what would be the best plan of action.  We don't have any of our own livestock yet other then chickens but we live right next door to a feedlot.  Is it possible to control the flies on our property that make their way there from our neighbors feedlot?  

Thanks so much!

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  • Hannah,

    That is going to be a difficult situation.  A lot has to do with the size of the feedlot, how close it is to you, and what sorts of barrier are between you (such as a tree line).  You will not be able to get the level of control that someone with no neighbors for 1-2 miles around can get, but we could potentially improve the situation.  I would strongly recommend giving us call and asking for Sonny or Jessica and going over all the details of your situation, this will help give you an idea of what products would be appropriate for your situation and what level of control you could expect to have.  You can also email either of us at

    Thank you,