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Does this control bot flies?

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I've lived at my current property for 5 years and have a continuing problem with bot flies in September.  I've never had bot flies before and am wondering if it is because my neighbor has sheep.  I'm not having any luck finding info on better control of them.  I wonder when I see the eggs on my horses legs if I spray them does it kill the eggs?  I do scrap the eggs off but can't keep up with it.  Just today I found more eggs that I hadn't scrapped off - do you think they are still "alive?"    thank you, Jean

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  • Jean,

    This will not control bot flies.  Unfortunately, those must be managed either through strategic worming or diligent removal of the eggs.  Any eggs you see remaining on hair are likely to still be viable.  Although sheep have bots, they are a different species than those that infect horses, so they would not be coming from the sheep.  Yellow eggs on the legs are usually Gasterophilus intestinalis which only infects equines (horses, mules, and donkeys).

    Thank you,