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I live in the Northern Part of Michigan. We are still getting freezing nights. Would they survive if put out now before the flies arrive? I have tried them before but I don't think they survived as I never noticed any reduction in flies.  Also, we clean the barns and corrals where the horses are and pile approx. 100ft away from the horses. Would I need to put predators in that pile also?

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  • Royla,

    You would not want to start putting Fly Predators out until you are done with hard freezes for the year.  Once the Fly Predators are hatched and dispersed, they can handle light freezing occasionally.

    You would definitely want to treat the pile as well as favored bathroom areas in the corrals.  Flies can travel up to 1/4 mile from where they are bred, which is why you would want to treat the pile as well.  If using mats in the barn, I would also put a pinch in each stall.  If you are not seeing a reduction in flies, please give us a call at 866-404-3895.  Different species of flies have different favored breeding areas, so by asking a few questions about the flies you are seeing, we can help guide your distribution of Fly Predators.

    Thank you,