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Will neem oil kill my predators?

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I use a “natural” fly spray on my horses which contains essential of which is Neem Oil. I just found out Neem is actually an insecticide so now I’m wondering if it’s been killing off all my Predators? They state it only kills “chewing and sucking” insects, but, the flies have been extremely bad this year and I’ve been feeling like my predators aren’t working at all....but now I’m wondering if I’ve been killing them and that’s why! Any info you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  • Hello Shanin,

    To be on the safe side we recommend not spraying for about 48 hours after spreading Fly Predators in those areas.

    Thank you,


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  • Although neem's effects on pestiferous insects are by far the best known, the tree's various products can influence other pest organisms as well. In the long run, these may well prove the most important of all. At present, however, the effects on noninsect pests are poorly understood. In addition, pesticide use in the garden can kill those beneficial predators, leaving the spider mites to thrive and proliferate. ... Neem oil, on the other hand, can be effective against spider mites, but only if it is used properly.

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