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what do the fly predators look like

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what do the fly preditors look like once they are hatched and until they die

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  • Each Fly Predator mom can find and kill about 75 pest flies before they hatch. ... flies. The optimum time to start for your area is when the daytime highs get into the 60's. ... So starting now you will not see a difference for a month until the existing flies die off. But for most people fly season will be over shortly after that anyway.  tree removal

  • Hello Cathy,

    Fly Predators are about the size of ants and have small wings.  They are adult insects when they hatch out and that is as large as they get during their lifespan of about a month.  If you look on our website there is a photo of a Fly Predator there.

    Please contact us if you have any questions 1.866.404.3895.

    Thank you,

    Sonny G

  • Thanks for your post! Are you really sure about what you say? I read something different on an other blog!  daily sudoku