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Birds are eating the pupae

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I've been using these for years, and the results have been mediocre at best.  Normally, I put out 4-5 little piles of them and sprinkle them with old hay so the birds don't see them.  Well, this month, the next day I was watching, and the starlings had found, and uncovered my piles, and were happily eating away!  AARGH!  Anyway, I'm thinking of putting an overturned flower pot over each pile, but wonder if the pupae need light to hatch.  Just trying to find an easy solution. 

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  • Hello Barbara,

    The Fly Predators don't need light to hatch, but they are not good climbers so the flower pot over them may not work.  However you could make a small pouch with fiberglass window screen and staple the ends.  You could then put a tablespoon or so in this and hang them close to the areas of manure.  The Fly Predators can then escape through the opening of the screen when they hatch out.  We also have a very handy video on How To Use Fly Predators at

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    Thank you,

    Sonny G