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Fly control in the feces disposal garbage can

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Fly control in the feces disposal garbage can

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I started with fly predators last month and they seemed to help a little at first. I know if you start mid season you're fighting an uphill battle and I hope to have much better fly control next season. My problem is the "poop can" into which I scoop my dogs poop while waiting for garbage day. I try to scoop daily but the flies still seem to lay eggs and I get maggots and flys that hatch in the can. What are your suggestions to help reduce this problem. I'm wondering if fly predators will be able to handle the problem if I still have this perfect breeding ground going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ps I do have a starbar fly trap hanging right above the can. Thanks much! Cara
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  • Cara,

    Would you be able to email us at and in the subject Att: Jessica?  We may need to exchange a few emails to get the full scope of your issue and how best to address it.  I'll need to know how often your trash is picked up, whether you have liners in the can, more about your yard size and what is around you in the neighborhood, ask some questions about the types of flies you have, etc.

    Thank you,