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Fly Predators Worked at First But Not Now

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Fly Predators have helped keep flies to a minimum without pesticides for hundreds of thousands of customers over the past 42 years. They're the smart way to avoid “Fly Season”.
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Fly Predators Worked at First But Not Now

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I have been using fly predators for the first time this year. They seemed to work for several months as the fly population decreased dramatically. However, the past month the flies have returned. Could they have died off for some reason?

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  • Cathy,

    There are many things that could be going on.  It would be best if you could give us a call at 866-404-3895 so that we can discuss your particular situation and see what may be going on.  Sometimes it's as simple as the weather has changed and so you need to change where you are distributing Fly Predators, sometimes it is more complicated and we need to figure out if there is a new fly breeding source somewhere.  By chatting with one of our agents, we can get a layout of your property, talk about what is around you, what species of flies you are seeing, what your weather has been like, etc. and help you come up with the best way to bring the flies back under control.

    Thank you,