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Good afternoon, We have a compost pile at school. In this moment we have a serious problem with flies. This is out of control and they are everywhere.

What kind of solutions can your give us? Do you have a dealer here in Bogota, Colombia?

It is important to for us to hear from you and try to find as soon as possible a complete solution to our problem.

Thank you for your answer.

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  • Jaime,

    I am sorry, but we are unable to ship to Colombia.  There may be insectaries within South America that can ship to Bogota.  Species in the genera Spalangia and Muscidifurax would be well suited to the fly species you would have problems with from compost.  You may check with the Entomology Department of the National University of Bogota to see if they know of any potential places rearing fly parasitoids.

    There are other ways with compost to help reduce fly reproduction.  If you would like to discuss some of those options, please email me at  I will need to know more about your set up to give the best suggestions.  Turning compost, covering it, altering the moisture and temperature are all different ways to manipulate a pile to produce fewer flies.

    Thank you,