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What do the adult predators look like? They say each year you use them the better. Do they live through winter and come back the next season?
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  • Mandy,

    The adult Fly Predators are the tiny black ant looking bugs you see emerge in the bag.  Those are full-sized adults that hatch out of the little brown fly pupae (cocoons).  We use 3 species in our mix of Fly Predators, all of which are found naturally throughout the US.  A small percentage will survive each winter by going into diapause (the insect equivalent of hibernation) as larvae inside the fly pupa.  In places where natural populations have been completely wiped out, there is a period of re-establishing natural numbers.  However, I personally feel that the improvement over the first couple of years has more to do with customers learning how, where, and how much to distribute in any given area.  Because most people have not used biological control before, learning where flies are breeding and getting comfortable distributing Fly Predators becomes more natural the longer customers use them.  Also, when something unexpected comes up, like an unusually hot wet summer or flooding, you'll begin to notice potential fly breeding areas more quickly and therefore treat them more quickly.  If ever you are having trouble with fly populations increasing, please do not hesitate to call us.  We are here to help and can help make the best recommendations for where you should distribute by discussing the layout of your farm, what's nearby, and what kinds of flies you are seeing (it's ok if you're not sure what they are, we can usually pinpoint it based on a general description of the fly and asking questions about the flies behavior).  May through September we are available Mon-Sat 5am-7pm PST.

    Thank you,