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I am new to Fly Predator.  I've released my first bag in and around my barn.  For future into, when can I start removing manure again?  I don't want to disturb my predators and I don't want to remove them all either.  

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  • Hello Dochia,  

    There is no need to leave manure in the barn to apply Fly Predators.  You can muck your stalls as usual and apply Predators in the muck pile and the favorite places they go in pastures, paddocks ,or outside pens.

    The Predator are killing the flies in the cocoon stage, so  the ones you  applied in the stalls with your first shipment will transfer to the manure pile.  

    Flies are not reproducing where they are seen normally.  Flies hang out in the barn because want to be comfortable and are attracted by the smell of manure and feed.

    If you have questions please call 1.888.880.1579.  Here is a link to a helpful video about applying Fly Predators.

    Thank you,

    Sonny G